This is an image of the exterior of the retail shop which they did use from the concept package we delivered. 

Our client wanted to open a retail store. She liked the industrial, hard, materials and look. One of the exciting features of this project was the industrial plumbers pipes forming clothing racks suspended from the ceiling on a track system so as to move around the store to create different spaces. The mirrors would also be suspended within a framework of pipes, and the display window would have a grid made of the same. The cabinetry (cupboard, display counter, service counter, etc.) would be covered in mirrors on all vertical sides, this will create the illusion that the countertops are floating while also making the space appear bigger. 

The office spaces to the left are glass on 2 sides, walls on the other 2. Joe's office looks out into his side of the complex (a catering company) and the glazing is next to a structural K beam, creating an interesting view out of and into the office. All the access ways would be entered through large butcher's ranch sliding doors.  

Of course, all projects adapt and change in accordance with the clients needs. We ended up "grounding" our design and opening up the back area of the shop. All the clothing rails stretch from floor to ceiling in a series of pole systems. There is an elevated platform area to add dynamic space to the entrance. The whole interior is a mixture of steels (including zinc) and high gloss painted plywood.  

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