I completed this work as an intern at TOA Architects in 2012.

Duder Render

This render was my first contribution to the architectural world. It was my first task at TOA to create this image from a couple hand drawn sketches of floor plans and elevations.

To create this image I used Rhino, Vray for Rhino and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Vinegar Lane

I was suggested to have a go at designing the layout for the huge apartment project that TOA was working on. The above is the concept for the layout of one of the levels of apartments. 

Little India, Glen Eden - Bathrooms

These are some design images for a restaurant's bathrooms in Auckland. I worked on this project from concept to finished design to choosing the colours and tiles which would be used. It was very exciting to have these bathrooms realized as they were my first designs that I had the privilege of seeing come to life.

Lietch Interiors Render & Kitchen Design

Another render I completed at TOA for a client who needed a bit of help visualising her new kitchen and which lights to feature. This image was created using Rhino, Vray for Rhino and Adobe Photoshop CS5. I provided a number of variations in colours for this design. She chose the completed image below the render, a lovely creamy neutral white with black and green feature tiles. 

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