The Heart of Christchurch

The Halo team handcrafted more than 7,000 lanterns for participants in Christchurch. Luxcity offered the unique opportunity to open the gates of the broken Christchurch CBD that had been locked for nearly two years.

Halo is created to design a stage for the public to perform. It is a performative and engaging installation evoking moments of joy and enlightenment from all who interact with it. The public approached a structure made up of thousands of handmade origami lanterns waiting to be activated. Collectively, each individual’s action is multiplied to create an effect on a larger scale.

Halo has the function to connect a city, a community, a family or a group of strangers, one breath at a time. Communities have a set of actions based on shared expectations, values, beliefs and meaning between individuals. Community events have a sense of involvement and the Halo brought that to LUXcity. 

Each participant left a trace behind in the Halo, and gave them ownership of our project. That ownership nestled into the hearts of the participants and called them back numerous times to the Halo to show friends and family what they helped to create. Our project Halo was so successful because we had this sense of involvement and ownership towards it.

As each lantern was illuminated the structure transformed into a floating tunnel of light; inviting thousands to move through it. We were honored with the experience to create a space for locals to reflect, as the Halo was designed for the people, while it was made, in part, by the people. 

Along with gaining interest from media across New Zealand, from The Press and The Listener in Christchurch, to the NZ Herald,, 3News and TVNZ, we made our own blog and Facebook site to continue the flow between events.


Photographs courtesy of Mahmoud Monazahian

Interactive Home City

For Art in the Dark we decided to have a more static installation piece and with a separate interactive component. We handed out the origami balloons to children and encouraged them to breathe their life into them. Once inflated, we asked them to toss their bit of life into the tree's base where it would over flow by the end of the night with the life force that Auckland gave to it.

Halo's extreme success in Christchurch lead to getting media attention Nationwide and we were approached by Auckland's Art in the Dark, to produce an installation piece for their night festival. 

The team dove into the proposal head first and created a cousin to the original concept, one that suited Auckland more cohesively.  

Photographs courtesy of Danae Moodley

AUT's Art and Design 2012 Exhibition

We used projected lighting instead of singular LED's to create a powerful effect which drew people to our site.

The faculty of AUT Art & Design asked us to be a feature installation for the 2012 end of year exhibition. We created an entry way to our building that truly set it apart from the others of AUT's City Campus.

Photographs courtesy of Danae Moodley.