Night Market Decor

The director of First Thursdays approached a small group of Year Threes from AUT Spatial Design to help design her First Thursdays' Night Market Event. Together we created a vision: to make the First Thursdays' events more of a brand; a cohesive set of events which will become a household name. We wished to encourage public interactions with the installations, and to help the public move from one event to the next in an easy to follow, straight forward movement.

We saw this as an opportunity to inform the public about the capability of the students from AUT Spatial Design.

To make the events cohesive we used the First Thursdays' red to guide attendees through the event and to make the visitors aware of the individual events. We used consistent "craftsy" design aesthetics through all aspects for the First Thursdays' events.

We approached the entire AUT Spatial Design body and had them contribute to our proposal. Together, we created a collaborative piece of artwork to be displayed at First Thursdays.


Photographs by Danae Moodley