The Experiential Strata 

The purpose of my studio brief was to design a building that would get better with time. I was fascinated by the way memories and emotional attachments help to shape the way we feel about objects in general, but more specifically the way we feel about certain spaces. Over time my ambition was so the people passing through my building would have memories increasing and gathering through the spaces of this station. My building would get better with time through the memories of others and the experiences of connecting, growing and self-development. 


In approaching my design, I thought about how memories are layered through the stages of experience. In a series of thematic research I studied and explored this concept of layering experiences and materials in a way, which deal with the process of time and experiential stages and phases.

I explored the concept of reflecting on where we have come from. The design includes a cafe, reflective space and elevator room. It's main feature is the dramatic 7m high curtain entrance


This is an animation showing the experience one would have moving through the spaces. 


These are the plans for the building. The right is the ground floor and the left plan is the level below ground.

The images above are some of the models I made for this studio project. There are a few concept models dealing with the materiality of my train station as well as some images of my final laser cut project model.

All renders, drawings, plans and animations by Danae Moodley