Table-Side Chef Restaurant 

For this studio, we had to design a restaurant on upper Queens St. in Auckland. 

In restaurants people generally go to dine with other people they already know. For my project I began to explore the idea of creating a space which is more than just a restaurant, it is a place to meet other people and try something new while still enjoying the company of those they arrived with. 

I wanted to create a fun, energetic atmosphere that introduced a different kind of dining experience where people felt comfortable to interact with others - both customers and employees. I believe that the use of a table-side chef who specialized in Flambe is a great way to get people interacting and provides opportunities to engage with each other. The service provided would be unique and personal to each individual. The excitment in the style of food will create an active atmosphere.

This is an axonometric rendered view of Rendez-Vous which highlights all the design features and elements in detail of the restaurant. 

Above Left: Floor Plan 
Above Right: Ceiling Plan
Below: Detailed Section

I made a laser cut model for this project. This enabled people to get a sense of the spaces I created within the restaurant design.  

All renders, drawings, plans and animations by Danae Moodley